Thursday February 21st 2019
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About us

Who we are:

•       Karisan Media is the leading online  African Radio station in Diaspora

•       Karisan reaches out to over 25,000  Africans

•       Karisan Media has an audience in over 121 countries around the world.

We provide programing via our website, Live shows are broadcast live on the website and via a telephony bridge where audiences simply call in to listen via phone. We also have a TuneIn App (search for Karisan Media Radio)

Karisan Media is a young, creative and vibrant voice, delivering in-depth online audio programming on current community issues covering family, religion, youth, politics and other topics of interest. It seeks to inform, educate and entertain everyone.

Karisan Media is also a stepping stone for all who want to be part of broadcast journalism, whether your dreams are of becoming a political talk show host, an online preacher, a radio personality; we will help you get there. We will also work with you to develop your talent with the express purpose of getting you your very own radio program up and running.Karisan Media believes in reaching out to the people !

Media Students

Karisan Media is proud of bring to you the work of Journalism students based in Kenya. We are very happy to be a part of their growth and exposure in their Journalism Careers. Our First and newest member of our Karisan Media Family is George Maina, whose tenacity and abundant ambition is very impressive.  Welcome to Karisan Media George. We look forward to listening to your creative and talented work all the way from Nairobi Kenya.

More on George Maina and other Students will be up soon. Thank you for being with us.


We look forward to hearing from you !

We welcome any feedback from our listeners. We also welcome any ideas on topics you want to know about. Please send emails to You may also write or call us using the contacts below:


CEO Karisan Media Productions



Henry Pasha

Head of Radio, Kreative Director/Marketing Stategist


Tel: +1-214-606-9903

Karisan Media delivers an attractive audience to YOUR market. Your advertisement on karisan Media puts you in front of the consumer with the desire and means to buy your product and service.

Our Audience.

Karisan Media reaches out to our people who live, work, and play in the USA and other countries around the world… That is because we are accessible anywhere in the world. We attract an affluent, educated audience.

Affordable Advertising

We will customize a promotional program that meets your objectives and help you stay within your budget.

Internet advertising is cost effective and rivals the power of traditional media. Target your message countrywide or worldwide. We are here for you!

We will customize your advertising needs. Call us today should you have any questions or need further clarification.

Njeri Kariuki (Susan)

CEO Karisan Media Productions.

TEL: 214-597-469


Henry Pasha

Head of Radio, Kreative Director/Marketing Strategist

TEL: 1-214-606-9903


Karisan Media Radio and its affiliates is an independent, non-partisan, Media Company geared to providing and distributing content that will inform, educate, encourage, motivate and transform the lives of our audience. Since our founding in 2010 we have pursued a single mission – providing relevant information to our people across the world.

This is the work of Karisan Media. “COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Any organization, individual, corporation or entity that wishes to use any Karisan Media recordings on their website, published material, video, audio, electronic media, etc. should send an email to seeking authorization. Use of or duplication on any media, audio or transcribed, without express written permission, is prohibited and subject to international copyright laws.”